Machining Centers
We have a Kitamura-HX630G 50hp horizontal machining center that utilizes the latest metal cutting technology along with tombstone-style work holding. We also have a Visionwide 50 hp-Bridge Mill (165″x102″ table travel) and a Viper 1600 (61”x32” table travel) equipped with 30 hp gear driven spindles and 30 position tool changers. Their large table load capacities allow us to do large 3D assembly cuts. Mounting all form stations on the die shoe and 3D milling all stations at one time provides excellent timing throughout the die. We also finish all forms at a quality level that requires minimum, if any, bench work before going to the press. Whether it’s a small single detail or a large assembly, our machining centers do the 3D and 2D work required to get the job done.

Die-Matic has two Viper 1000’s with 23” x 39” table travel, both are vertical mills equipped with a 24 position tool changer and 950 psi through spindle coolant. We also have two Quasar-MV.184E vertical milling machines. Each uses solid carbide through drill coolant, high-performance drills. The 15 hp spindles provide enough power to do all the 2D and 3D milling required to complete our smaller details.

Wire EDM
Die-Matic has 3, 4-axis Wire EDM machines to serve you.

CAM Software
Die-Matic uses Visi CAM software in its CNC machine department. We have seven seats for wire edm, 2D milling, 3D surfacing and milling. Visi has proven themselves to be leaders in the CNC machining software.